Our flagship ERP software suite, ApparelConnect, provides enterprise level solutions to the garment, fabric and apparel industry supporting traders, manufacturers and buying houses and our web design team provide customer driven web applications that provide true data transparency between buyer and vendor. Our expertise in this field is your advantage and we specialize in providing all the support and help you and your team may need to automate your business.

Our Servics:
  • Custom built ERP systems
  • Oracle and Database Optimisation specialists
  • Web Application Development
  • .NET Development services
  • Bespoke software development services
  • On-site and off-site services

At db Solutions (Thailand), we believe in what we do, and in writing quality code. Here, hard won for us but free for you, are some the lessons we have learned and put into practice :

  • Be specific. Use abstractions. Be concise. Use the provided tools. Don’t be obscure. Be consistent.

  • Whenever you develop a complex data structure, develop a corresponding consistency checker.
  • To solve a problem, describe it, specify it in algorithmic terms, implement it, test it, debug and analyze it. Expect this to be an iterative process.
  • Use data-driven programming, where pattern/action pairs are stored in a table.
  • First develop a working program. Second, instrument it. Third, replace the slow parts.
  • There are four general techniques for speeding up an algorithm: caching, compiling, delaying computation, and indexing.