Customer Support


We, here at db Solutions Thailand, know the importance of customer support and keep it in our highest regards. Therefore we have implemented technologies through which customer support can be further enhanced.

When customers have issues, we fix them
Apparel Connect Support Portal

The Apparel Connect support portal includes a searchable knowledge base, user forums, video tutorials, multi-language user manuals and other resources.

When customers have an issue

Our first line of defense is our easy to use software which makes it easier for customers to figure out what could be causing problems. However, if not solution is found, customers will be able to contact us through our web form or elsewhere, for example phone or email.

Organize and Prioritize Tickets

Once an issue has been detected, the system will automatically issue a “ticket”. Since not all issues are of equal importance, this ticket will be organized by priority.

Assigning Tickets

Each ticket is then assigned to the staff members, either automatically or manually. The interface allows staff members to speak with the customers, add notes, attach files, and modify ticket details. This allows for easy control and access to each issue.

Issue is Resolved!

Once the issue has been resolved, the customer will be notified either through email or other channels of contact. However, it does not stop here. The system is able to track issues and performance, generating statistics on the functionality of our service. Furthermore, the solutions can then be converted into knowledge which the customer will be able to view through our web portal.