ApparelConnect is designed for your needs and for your budget – truly software made to measure.

ApparelConnect is a fully integrated apparel management system for garment manufacturers. With ApparelConnect, garment production firms of all sizes can leverage a full suite of management tools that automate and enhance critical operations, in particular costing, order management, inventory control, productions control, and business intelligence.

Export Trading

Export Trading is merchandising management software for export trading companies. The software manages samples, orders, invoicing, purchasing, and many more inter-linked modules.


TextileConnect provides order management, production planning and capacity control  solutions to  the fabric manufacturing industry, including sophisticated modules to allow factories to run ‘What – If’ scenarios and determine optimal machine allocations to hit customer target requirements.. By using TextileConnect the user can keep track of all the different stages in the manufacturing cycle thereby reducing the Overhead Costs and other Write-offs. Creative Windows & GUI Designs have been utilized in the development of TextileConnect.From order entry to shipment and billing, from production launch to stock entry – an integrated approach to the textile production industry.

Scaffolding & Other Verticals

db Solutions (Thailand) can also provide software on a Work for Hire agreement and specialise in developing ERP products for industries such as construction, apparel and textile (naturally).  We can assign you full time local development resources and European project management team to assure your project success. Contact us for more details.